Newsflash: First time buyer in FL with unique situation

We’re renting from a property management company who wants notification by November 16th if we will be moving at the end of January. They have pretty much told us that if we don’t notify them by the end date they will decide our new rent by the first of the year and we will have to stay and pay it no matter what it is. We’re paying almost three times in rent what this house would mortgage for as it is. This company is kinda unethical now that we have a working knowledge of their operations.We are looking at buying. We have a large family of 7 people including his mom and her four kids she adopted. My husband is a veteran but we would not be able to get a VA loan and include her income and would not qualify for a large enough house for everyone without including it. My credit is bad and my income is second highest in the home. His credit is good but his income is lowest. Her debt ratio is high due to us moving here from Arkansas and her divorce. We have no money saved for down payment due to trying to get our credit improved and some emergency issues including a hurricane. With over 80k a year between us and our eyes on a 160k house, is there a lender that we can go with that won’t scam us? I feel embarrassed enough just asking this so please no hate.



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