Newsflash: Contract and or advice for handling a live-in cleaning lady/caretaker arrangement for my elderly mother?? (OH)

My mother recently told me she has a “friend” living with her. Well it ends up being her cleaning lady. My mother says its nice having someone around and her cleaning lady needed a place to stay. My concern is what happens if my mother ends up in a nursing home or passes away and Im stuck dealing with this cleaning lady with no place to go. This cleaning lady has been her cleaner for nearly ten years – so if she was going to “do anything” she would have already… I just dont know this lady nor if her intentions would change with my mother gone so I want to get something in writing….Im also a landlord and know that in my state, if someone is living in your property, without a lease, you have to give them 30 days notice to vacate before filling eviction which then can take 30 to 60 days before the bailiff would come move them out if it came to that.



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