Newsflash: Closing this Friday but seller refusing to sign title over

Posted this on r/homeowners but thought I might have better luck here.So, I went under contract to my first home back in September. We had set the closing date to this upcoming Friday. I am using the VA loan and I put down 0% down payment and the seller had agreed to pay for $10000 in closing costs. After the home inspection, my realtor and I sent the seller a list of items we wanted him to repair. Instead of repairing/giving us a cash credit, the seller agreed to an extra $3000 in closing cost help. After the appraisal, the house came to be $4000 less than what we had initially agreed on, so the seller had to lower the price another $4000. On top of that, the appraiser said there was a window that needed to be repaired before selling. As per VA loan guidelines, the seller must repair what the appraiser says needs repair before selling the house. The seller was pretty pissed at this point as he was already losing out so much, but we had agreed to lower his closing cost help to $12500 instead of $13000 and got the window repaired. Now, we are the days away from closing, and the titling company sent him over the title transfer papers and the full closing disclosure, where he saw how much I’m paying for the first time in this transaction. He saw that I’m paying nearly nothing out of pocket besides for the home inspection and appraisal, whereas he’s losing out on a lot. He bought the house about an year ago but circumstances are forcing him to sell the house, so he’s losing out a ton. The house has been on the market for nearly half a year as a result of a couple contracts falling through due to several reasons. He demanded that I pay $1500 for him to sign the title over. He had agreed to all of the aforementioned things on paper and signed them, and even though I shouldn’t have to pay him anything, my realtor and I agreed that we’ll offer $750 to appease him so that we can close by this Friday. What are my options if he refuses that? I am not willing to pay any more than the $750 that I’m offering. TL;DR the seller is salty that I’m paying almost nothing to buy his house when he’s losing out so much and is demanding that I pay him $1500 for him to sign the title transfer.



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