Newsflash: (CA) Water damage – What to do with tenant in unit?

I owe a fourplex in Los Angeles.The tenant in an upstairs unit had their washing machine drain out onto the floor causing water damage into the unit downstairs.I am doing the drying with ServPro and they recommended the tenant downstairs to not live in the unit while they do their cleaning and the build back.What are my legal obligations as the landlord in Los Angeles, CA? I have conflicting information.Another landlord said that I just credit them their rent on the days they cannot use the unit and they are responsible for finding alternative living space during the repair. The tenants are saying that I need to provide them a hotel/another apartment to live in.The tenants downstairs has renter’s insurance, isn’t that suppose to cover their living costs if they need to temporarily move out? The tenants upstairs does not have renter’s;dr: If a tenant cannot live in a unit due to repairs, what is the landlord responsible for?



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