Newsflash: US-MA: Suing for specific performance and need to figure out a way to have current house under agreement

My family and I are under contract to purchase a home. The contract has contingencies that we get financing and sell our current home. Meanwhile, the seller has backed out of the sale for no apparent reason. We are going to sue for specific performance.We have very specific home needs due to some factors (custody, disability, etc.), that the current place barely meets and the new place meets perfectly. We are not willing to sell our home and hope this goes through and then be unable to find any house that works.Our home will be easy to sell. It’s in an area where not many homes come on the market. We had a number of reasonable offers that we couldn’t accept because the other seller was unresponsive and we suspected was pulling out.In order to win the specific performance suit, I believe we will have to have our current home under agreement so that we have satisfied all contingencies. What would be the best way to do this? Obviously we would have a “seller to find suitable housing” contingency in the contract. But is any buyer going to enter into this, knowing it would be several months until it closes and may not end up happening? Are we stuck with having an investor buy it at a lower price rather than selling to a family?



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