Newsflash: Should I sign the exclusive right-to-buy listing contract as “Buyer’s Agent” or “Transaction Broker”.

My wife and I found a condo we liked and did not have a buyer’s agent. We initially liked the listing agent and wanted to explore her becoming a transactional broker for us in the process.I recognize that this decision has some debate surrounding it, but I’m not looking to go there in this post.My specific question is in regards to the exclusive right to buy contract she sent over with the rough draft of the purchase agreement. It had the box buyer’s agent checked instead of “transaction broker.” She then explained that this was done so we could work together in the future if this deal fell through, and we’re okay with that…However, I’m wondering why she seems bullish on getting us to become her buyer other than the fact she’s securing new business? Is there something I’m missing? It seems to me that if she will by default become the transaction broker representing both sides, then it shouldn’t matter if she’s our buyer agent or not on this form.Also, the commission had a range of 2.8-6% where we are responsible to cover the 2.8 if the seller doesn’t, but she’s assured us that this seller is willing to cover that amount and I can see that on the mls listing. Is a range like this normal? What questions should I ask?Thank you in advance for the advice.Edit: Colorado



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