Newsflash: [Selling] Fridge accidentally conveyed (US)

ETA: Little Rock, Arkansas Hi guys — We’re first-time sellers who are currently under contract to sell our home. Our realtor sought us out after we listed FSBO and convinced us we’d be better off selling with her. FF to now, and we’re under contract, but all of us, realtor included, missed where the offer included the fridge conveying, and we all signed and accepted the offer.Obviously we should have carefully read the contract ourselves, but we’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff we have to e-sign between selling this home and buying a new one. We fully intended to take the appliance with us, so now when we purchase a new home, we have to buy a new fridge. Someone suggested to my husband that he ask our realtor to pay for it, or at least pay for part of it, since ostensibly her job is to protect us from dumb mistakes like that and to keep us from having to cough up more money for stuff on top of the already pricey process of buying a new home. And me being me, I am deeply uncomfortable with this. Like I’m the kind of person who hates reminding people about money that they owe me and will end up just eating it because I don’t want to have an awkward conversation like that. Is this a reasonable request? Does it happen a lot? Is there a tactful way to approach it so it doesn’t sound like we think she’s a terrible realtor?tl;dr Realtor missed fridge conveying, can we reasonably ask her to buy us a new fridge?



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