Newsflash: Seller Attendance at Home Inspection

I did search both /r/personalfinance and /r/realestate prior to posting. I am posting this to both subreddits.Referencing the cash purchase of a 14 y/o home:Buyer directly approached Seller’s realtor for viewing. Offered 6K below asking price, Seller countered, agreement to split the difference reached same day. Very smooth process.Well-reviewed, well-established Seller’s agent (alludes to peripheral social relationship with Seller) asked by Buyer to act as dual agent. Agreement signed. Only Buyer and Inspector present for present for initial inspection. Buyer hires inspector endorsed and recommended by realtor and performs job to Buyer’s satisfaction. Another smooth interaction. Ditto for pest inspection done same day.Realtor stated she does not attend inspections and neither would the seller. The Buyer arranged for a copy to be given to the realtor. Inspection reveals a large number of concerns (reasonably willing to share privately if anyone wants to give their thoughts). While most of these are minor, some hold the potential to become long term, expensive issues. Buyer requests structural inspection at their cost. This is where Realtor states both Realtor and Seller will be attending structural inspection so that they can all “understand the conversation.” Again, the inspector is endorsed and recommended by the Realtor. The sudden change in procedure is making the Buyer nervous, as if the Sellers/ Realtor want to push the Buyer or are assuming the Buyer isn’t acting in good faith. Buyer believes they are hiring the inspector and should be free to openly discuss recommendations with the inspector privately, as their decisions will be based on this inspection. They do not want Seller interfering with the process or gaining negotiation edge through overheard conversations between buyer and inspector.Is it usual for Seller to be at inspections? Should buyer be concerned that Realtor announced Sellers and they would be at inspection without asking the Buyer if this was acceptable (dual agent requires she not allow one party to gain advantage over the other, right)? Buyer, though willing to buy so long as the basic structure is sound, may also wish to get estimates from a plumber, an electrician, a roofer, and a contractor. Buyer doesn’t necessarily want Seller to pay for repairs estimated. Buyer does want to perform due diligence, as this is meant to be their final/ retirement home. Buyer is not willing to be discouraged about seeking out this information in order to make an informed purchase, whereas Seller and Realtor or eager to reach a fast closing.Round 2, with the new dynamic, begins in the morning. Anyone willing to provide their thoughts on any of this? Thank you.*Edits d/t diction errors



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