Newsflash: Is requesting to decrease property tax a good idea? [CAN,QC]

Hey there, I’m asking a question for my parents as I’m not too savvy about all this.My parents got a really big, really old, not in the best condition house that they have had for 20 years that they are paying $4-5k in property taxes. As they get older and my father has retired and my mother is the only one bringing the money, it’s getting difficult to pay it. So I got an agent to estimate the house in hopes they could get it lowered. The agent said maybe they might be able to lower it by a $1000 more or less.Before handing in the paperwork, my mother wants some second opinion whether it is a good idea to lower the property tax. She doesn’t want to loose out too much when she decides to sell the house. Is it going to decrease the selling by a lot? Is it better to keep the property tax as it is so she can sell for a lot?Any advice appreciated!



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