Newsflash: Is it a bad idea to buy a duplex with 5% down at 24 years old? (PA)

I work in the city and am looking at a duplex about 30 minute train ride away. My commute would be roughly the same, but I would rent out the 2-bedroom apartment and live in the 1-bedroom. Solid job, not expecting any changes or major life events within the next 5 years, but when and if things change, I plan to keep the duplex and rent out.Is this a bad idea? Most specifically I want to address the 5% down with PMI and being a 24 year old home owner/landlord. What things should I expect and be prepared for (other than expenses, having to fix things, accounting, etc)? Will I have to kick out the current 1-bedroom tenant, and would that process effect my mortgage if I can’t move in right away? Is the entire process of buying a house different if I put only 5% down?I really want to start building equity, but I don’t need a full house yet. I have savings and monthly wiggle room. My reason for putting 5% down is because I understand closing will cost extra and I don’t want to totally wipe out my savings in the event of an emergency.Any advice is welcome, thank you for reading.



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