Newsflash: Found a great commercial space at a greater price, what’s the catch?

I found a great place for my new business in NYC with an amazing price today; the agent told me that currently only a 2 year lease is available. I asked “why such a short lease?” and they said the current owner of the building is going to be taking a new “partner” and they are unsure what the partner will want to do with the property. I suggested that if I did a two year lease, I would want a clause in the lease that said I had the right to extend the lease for 5 more years after the 2 years were up and the agent said they could definitely bring that up to the owner. It seemed a bit sketchy to me that the rent was so cheap. I would also only definitely sign a lease if the 5 year extension is available after the 2 year. My question is, is there anything the owner can do to prevent me from resigning after the 2 year lease is up? Is there anything else I can do or put in the lease agreement to protect myself? I don’t want to spend money building out the space to have to tear it down 2 years later.Thanks in advance!



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