Newsflash: Considering buying my parents foreclosure house. Looking for some knowledge…

My parents were evicted from their house and it is in “pre-foreclosure” right now on Zillow. I know what the interior of the house looks like, and it is in good shape, just dirty and would be a super easy flip. All my parents’ furniture and everything is inside too and I know what it is worth (to be honest not much but they left EVERYTHING inside including 3 refrigerators, washer/dryer, etc.).My parents have since moved (they were basically homeless after the eviction) and moved out of state. I actually don’t even want to tell them I am considering this. I wouldn’t buy it just to give it back to my parents or anything. I would buy it for my own gain because I have some knowledge that the house is in good shape but other people can’t see the inside and might not see that value.However, one thing is I know they have HOA lien plus probably some other liens on the house. This could be an issue. I could find out more of the details from my parents.The pre-foreclosure price listed on Zillow is still kind of high in my opinion. It is near normal market value. Is this normal?Any feedback/advice?This was just an idea that popped into my head and I am sitting on a good amount of cash so if this is a good potential opportunity, I don’t want to just pass it up without really exploring it as an option.



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