Newsflash: Tip for house hunters on spotting bad neighbors ahead of time

If you are thinking about buying or renting a property, look into what kind of people you are going to be living next door to. They could make the difference between you having an enjoyable property VS living there being a pain in the ass. I learned this the hard way. I rented a house where the neighbors had a tall privacy fence. After living next to them for one year and counting down the days until it was time to leave, I learned the lesson that neighbors having a privacy fence is a red flag that they are noisy. Whether they have a dog barking it’s head off day and night, kids going crazy, or adults having loud parties. There is something going on that they don’t want you seeing. You may not see what is going on, but you will certainly hear it. No one wants to be prevented from sleeping by a dog barking or neighbors partying. If neighbors are not cooperative in keeping noise down, it is extremely difficult to use laws/police to force them to force them to comply and shut up. Practically speaking, the only thing you can do is move or put up with it. If you are locked into a rental lease, you may be out of luck. If you try to sell, this may be difficult depending on the market at the time. Bottomline, look what kind of people you will be living next door to before moving into a new place.



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