Newsflash: Sex offender moved across the street from house we bought to renovate.

A few months back we bought a house for dirt cheap to renovate and live in for a couple years before renting it out. Now, a 1st degree sex offender lives across the street in a multi-family owned by one of his family members.This guy creeps me the fucking hell out. Makes my skin crawl. Freaked out a female contractor so much she complained to me, but then asked me not to do anything because she was afraid of retaliation while she was finishing the job (he sat in the street watching her work).We already have a quote to put cameras on the house with the intention of one aimed directly at his building. While I was getting this quote he stared at me from his window the whole time.I worry about us living there (I’m a SAHM with a 10 month old). I worry about being able to rent the property with him across the street. I worry about us being able to sell it with him across the street.It’s at the end of a dead end road in a private area, so it feels more vulnerable even though we are still in city limits.We -need- to move somewhere (our apartment is too small, and the building just sold to a new owner). Any advice?



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