Newsflash: Prospective First Time Buyer

Hello EveryoneI am looking to acquire my first residence within a short time period and am looking to explore my options. I have a reasonable amount of cash saved for a down payment, well beyond 20% for a property I would want to spend on.I have been looking into the idea of buying a plot of undeveloped land, splitting the lot, and parking a mobile home on the property which retains the initial address/meter/utilities. I was then going to build a multi family home on the secondary piece of property while living in the first one. I assume there will need to be careful permit checking and whatnot, but how does this get accomplished. A) Does anyone have experience doing something like this? B) Where can I go to see prices on a used/new mobile home, and are there any secondary considerations which would be of concern with a used mobile home aside from the physical aspect of the dwelling?For reference, this is in the State of Florida.



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