Newsflash: Oil Maintenance man talked my buyer out of pursuing my home, is there anything I should do besides complain to the company?

My wife and I had a buyer for our home, and subsequently found our dream home in the town we wanted to move to. The purchase of our dream home was dependent upon the sale of our home. Now, I understand that there is a lot of risk along the way and this could have happened anywhere, but I’m a bit furious as to how it went down.My current home was built in 1920, so it’s a bit old. Definitely fairly priced though for the age of the home, but we did a ton of updating to it. I have an old boiler in the house, but it works well. The day prior to the buyers home inspection, we had a maintenance done on it because we had not ran it yet all season (we do this every year anyway). The next day, an hour before the inspection, the boiler wasn’t turning on. So in a panic, I call the oil company and they send a guy out, and it turns out the other guy knocked a thermostat wire loose and it was a quick fix. Unfortunately, the new maintenance guy didn’t fix it good enough and it must have loosened again, so he had to come back during the inspection to fix it to show it would run during inspection. Now, instead of fixing it and leaving it, he stuck around to point out all of the flaws with our system, and kept saying how old it was. The realtor for the buyer told my realtor he did this without being asked any questions about it. This caused the buyer to completely back out of the sale. We even offered to replace the boiler so we wouldn’t lose our other home but he had already made his decision, and told his realtor it was basically because of what the oil company guy told him.As you can imagine, I’m pretty mad about this. I paid them for a service and they turned around and screwed everything up for us. Not only did I lose my buyer, but our offer on the house we wanted is completely off the table. Besides calling to complain to them, is there anything else I can do?



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