Newsflash: Is $15k that big of a deal?

2900sqft – 4br/4bt – FTHB using a VA loan. Buying from current landlord in a red hot Chicago area. Need some reassurance/guidance please.I’m pre-approved for 350 and the seller wants 340. I was thinking more like 325. Seller also has two other properties on the block that I will manage and make 300-400 a month from for my services.I’ve been living in this property for over a year and a half with three other dudes. Two of them have lived there longer than me. I’ll continue to rent the house out for at least the next 2.5 years while I finish grad school.If I move in the future after grad school, I plan to keep it as a rental property given the proximity to surroundings schools and downtown. Plenty of new students have moved into my neighborhood in the past year and professionals are slowly creeping in also.I work, live and school all on the same street. It’s kind of a city dwellers dream. At least, for me it is.So – should I even contest the $15k gap?Part of me says yes, but I’d probably only get it down to 333-335k. Which for the hassle and potential loss of sale might not be worth it. Landlord is doing me a solid and only looking to sell it to me because I’m managing his other properties after the sale. But someone else could definitely come in with a way higher bid considering it was placed on the market to start my buying process.Thoughts and advice greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance 🙂



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