Newsflash: How many bathrooms is better? 2.5 small vs 2 large [VA, USA]

I have gotten lots of mixed advice about this in real life, so I figured a larger platform with more experienced people would be a better place to ask.My house currently has 2.5 bathrooms – a full master bath, a full guest bath (Full Guest), and a half guest bath (Half Guest).For further reference, check out this brief gallery of imagesthe Master Bath is roughly 3.5 feet wide by 8 feet deep – so, ~28 square feet, ~9 feet of which is a giant showerThe Full Guest is a bit bigger at 6.5 feet wide (at the widest point) by 8 feet deep (so, roughly 52 square feet) – this has a tub & shower, a huge linen closet and a giant vanityThe Half Guest is 6.75 feet wide by 7.75 feet deep (so, just over 52 square feet) – a huge room with a terrible toilet/sink set-up (they’re uncomfortably close to one another, it’s hard to go to the bathroom without some part of you touching the vanity) that leaves a lot of empty space that could be used better.I’d like to know what’s more valuable – my current 2.5 bathroom set-upORMerging the two upstairs bathrooms (they share a wall on the sink/toilet sides) into one giant bathroom where I can probably fit a toilet, double-sink vanity, a free standing tub and a shower PLUS turning the Half Guest into a Full by adding a corner shower and moving the vanity & toilet into better positions.If I knew I’d be living in this house for the rest of my life, I’d just freakin’ go for that renovation, because I’m seriously sick of being alternately cramped and annoyed by the use of space in each of these bathrooms, but the reality is probably that we’ll be selling the house in another 4-10 years (depends on job situations that are still evolving).Additionally, there are some major pipe/plumbing issues that we can’t just ignore or live with going forward. Fixing them means tearing up parts of the bathroom ANYWAY, which to me means that we should go ahead and renovate, but HOW we renovate will depend on what the consensus is about what kind of bathroom situation will be smarter moving forward.Thank you in advance for any/all opinions!



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