Newsflash: [PA] Need help, renter stopped paying rent, person living in rental is not on lease. No reply to calls or texts.

Hey!So first off, I’m in PA (USA) and I have posted a 10-day notice to quit. Here’s the problem: The person renting the property is an African American man. The person who answered the door for my agent when the eviction notice was posted is a red-haired white man claiming to be my tenant’s “brother.”Rent hasn’t been paid for two months now, and I’ve just hit the ten-day period required for the notice to quit, so I can take this to court tomorrow (Monday, really.) I know how to go through a standard PA eviction process, I’ve been doing this for years. However, I was told by the magistrate that in order to evict any adult person, they have to be named on the court complaint. I can’t force this guy to give me his ID, and the court said that including “And all others” in the complaint is no longer valid.So: how do I make sure I get this person out? I don’t wanna go through the whole process, evict the tenant and still have a squatter in the place, and I have no idea how to ensure that they are forced out. I am pretty sure the original tenant no longer lives there, as he hasn’t responded to any messages and hasn’t been seen at the property (or his vehicle, etc) for a month.Thanks for any help!



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