Newsflash: How do negotiate? Dealing with a money hungry investor

I’m a first time home buyer and in desperate need of a place to stay soon since my roommate has to move for his new job. I found a nice sweet little remodeled condo (2bed/2bath).It was bought may 2017 for 60000 and after some remodeling (from the looks of it around 5-7k worth of it), its relisted for 98000. High way robbery or what? The area I live in is starting to get hot and my realtor told me that they are listing it based on projected value but I know that the homes in that area are no more than 75k.I’m just a person who wants a place to call home – these people are only looking at the money and trying to flip it within a few months. I have cash to buy the property at 75k but I don’t know how willing they will be to knock off 25% of their insanely gauged out price. I want some leverage – what do I do?



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