Newsflash: Need advice on selling

I own a 572 sq ft home in a economically depressed area. I purchased it in 2009 for 26k and still owe about 19k. My mortgage is 300/month and I charge my tenant 600. I moved and want to purchase a home here, however I have tons of student loan debt and two banks told me I need to sell my tiny house before they will preapprove me. I had a realtor look at the house and she said since there aren’t many comps, it could sell somewhere between 20-30k. I haven’t had it appraised. There is a lot of work that could be done: new windows, new doors, new roof, insulation in attic. It was built in the 20s and really doesn’t have much curb appeal. However, I’m hesitant to do a lot of work on it and not make back the money when selling.Here are three options I’m considering.Option 1: Try to sell it without a realtor with my tenant still living there. Pro: Income is maintained. Cons: I’d need to deep clean and replace some carpet and paint, which could be undone by my tenant in a week. I’d have to travel 4 hours round trip for any showings.Option 2: Kick out my tenant, do the small repairs, try to sell without a realtor. Pro: Easier to show, more likely for people to buy. Con: Could sit empty for undetermined amount of time.Option 3: Do nothing and try to find another bank.There are many hybrid options from those, such as using a realtor for 1 or 2. My fear there is making little to no profit with using a realtor.Thank you for any insight or advice!



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