Newsflash: Can I GIFT property with delinquent taxes? (TX)

Hello,Property Value is $240 Tax Debt is $15K (3 years of taxes)We have a court date in 45 days.-I have no interest in property -Family has been living there, agreement was they were supposed to handle taxes and live rent free. -He’s already broken several payment plans, the court date they will be taking it.I do not want a lien on my name. I had intentions of getting a loan and paying taxes and then seeing what I can do to generate income on property, recoup, then gift it, but if I can bypass it and gift him all property and delinquent taxes, that would be great.Can I do a transfer/gift of the property and have the entire balance of taxes essentially become their debt? And show up to court to show I no longer own the property?



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