Newsflash: [PA] Buying a row home / twin?

Hi there, I just relocated to the Philadelphia area for a job and am looking to buy a home. I’m pretty much open to anything at this point, from regular single family homes to condos and even row homes and twins. And there are a lot of those in this area. Since I am basically a n00b, what is the deal with buying a row home or twin in terms of maintenance? Do you have to be on really good terms with the other person in case something goes wrong? (I’ve also seen homes that have private drives or sidewalks that are shared between homeowners, and I suppose it would follow the same.) What generally happens if something that would apply to both homes like, say, the roof, encounters problems?And if, for example, you see a really nice twin, but the attached home say, has a broken attic window, would that be a red flag that they may not want to put any money to maintenance which could mean problems down the line?Forgive the n00b question, but the real estate agents I’ve dealt with have really not wanted to address any questions like this, even telling me that “HOA rules don’t really matter, nobody follows them” when I asked about such rules when viewing a condo subject to an HOA. Really just looking for some straight facts!



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