Newsflash: [NC] I found 2 seemingly fantastic real estate investments, but I have no experience.. Do the numbers make sense?

I’m 22 years old, with $60k just laying in my checking account. I want to use this money for investments and I find real estate intriguing.I did some research yesterday and found 2 properties that seem pretty good in my opinion, but I’m very inexperienced.Let me break it down (I use Zillow for estimates, not sure how accurate they are but it’s the only thing I can go off of at the moment..):HousePriceEst. MortgageBd/BrDown PaymentZestimate ValueZestimate RentZestimate-PriceProfit (mo)A$130,000$6835/3$26,000$149,000$1,450$19,000$767B$45,000$2863/1$9,000$69,500$950$24,500$664So with all that being said, house A is in a better neighborhood, based off the Trulia crime map it’s all green, whereas house B is in a yellow area, but most of the crimes happened in 2016.. so maybe it’s getting better..Either way I can afford both, and I’d be ok with buying both, though with a lack of experience it might be difficult at first, but I don’t mind that.I guess my question is.. does my math make sense? Are these 2 good opportunities just based off the numbers?B looks more appealing to me because it’s cheaper and has a similar return but it’s clearly not as good of a house as A..Any thoughts? Thanks!



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