Newsflash: [NC] Buying without a realtor – anything to look out for?

Just to preemptively respond to: Using a realtor is free, the sellers payLet’s assume the a home is listed for $515k with a real market value of $500k based on comps.OptionOfferListing AgentSelling AgentNet Proceeds1$500$15$15$4702$500$15$4853$485$14.55$470.45Option 1: Traditional transactionOption 2: I don’t use a realtorOption 3: I can offer lower and the owner still comes out ahead of option 1Now for things to look out foralways use a real estate attorneywill I have to deal with agents who want to keep both commissions for themselves?dealing with showings of the home requiring the listing agent to be there to let us innot knowing the neighborhoods as well as a realtorsetting up inspections on my ownAnything else?


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