Newsflash: (MI) combining a house with the empty lot next door into one property – I own the lot and my husband owns the house. Do they both need to be owned by the same person?

My husband owns a house (with a mortgage). About 3 years ago, the lot next door went up for sale and I bought it (with cash – no loan on the lot). We just got married last month, and we would like to combine the two into one property for a number of reasons. I exchanged emails with the zoning director in our city, and he gave me the application to combine them. On the application, it asks which address I want the property to retain – the house obviously – and it asks for the owners name. The house (and the lot) will be in both of our names once we get around to refinancing the mortgage. We both have really good credit so we can get a better rate than he is paying. We want to combine the properties first.Do I need to “sell” the lot to him to do this? Or, because we are married, can we combine them in our current situation?Sorry if this is confusing or not enough info. I’m writing on my mobile. Thanks in advance for any advice you have 🙂



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