Newsflash: Landlord delinquent

I am recently divorced and moved into a friend’s home so as not to rush into buying a home (in a sellers market). I have been here since 7/1/17. I found out at the end of July that she was around 5 payments delinquent on the mortgage. I found out because a letter from her bank came here and I accidentally opened it. The place was only empty for 2 weeks before I moved in, so it wasn’t that it was empty. She is a friend, she asked me to move in, I feel betrayed. She doesn’t know I know.It seems I have little to no rights here? My research says I cannot break the lease because she isn’t paying. My lease also does not transfer in the case of foreclosure.What do I do? Wait it out? I know foreclosures can take some time. I check the court every week and so far nothing is filed. I did find that it was foreclosed on in 2009 and remedied in 2011 and she kept the property.I own my own rental (which I do NOT want to move back to). I want to buy a new home, but would prefer to wait a year or 2.What are your opinions? I live in Ohio.



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