Newsflash: Do any of you brokers have interns / assistants?

I am considering hiring someone to do some of the shit I frankly don’t like doing.Generally pretty basic stuff, but I feel like I want to build a long term relationship with someone who when they graduate or progress I could be their broker. I am just curious if any of you have done this and how it worked out vs hiring someone who has no re ambitions what so ever.The things I am looking for are really pretty basic. I’d like someone to run comps for me to review, prepare listing reports for clients, format/pretty up reports I write, work with my office for stuff like sign installations, enter listings into the services I use etc.I frankly am in my office like 4 hours a week on average and don’t intend to have to supervise someone, though I would be very willing to teach someone who was interested (and wanted to stick around). I see this mostly being a remote job for someone which hits me two ways. I can probably hire someone anywhere in the world for almost nothing to do most of this, or I can invest in someone who maybe I pay more but they ultimately become a CRE consultant who does their own deals for me.I am kind of torn between the two, and am looking for anyone who has past experience here.Am I better off dumping a lot of time into someone who does want to do this for a living and educating them, bringing them to client meetings etc, for them to just jump ship when they graduate or should I just be looking for someone cheap and keep it simple?



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