Newsflash: Buying First House, sketchy realtor, incorrect disclosure. Is this normal?

Hi all, My wife and I are buying our first house. We’re in New Hampshire. We went to an open house two weekends ago and thought the house would be perfect for us. Additionally, the sellers realtor told us the roof was new in 2012, furnace was new in 2012, and that the seller was throwing in a handful of expensive personal property (snow blower, generator, projector + speakers for the theater room they had built in the basement, etc). We did not that on the seller’s disclosure that the furnace was listed as being new in 2012, and the roof was “unconfirmed”, so we confirmed with the realtor via text that the roof was in fact new in 2012. It all sounded great, so we put in an offer that evening at $10k over their asking price. We didn’t put the additional personal property into the offer, as we didn’t care too too much about it, that was sort of a cherry on top. The offer was accepted the next day. We were stoked.Two days later, we noticed that the online posting changed and now the asking price was $10k higher. Alright, that’s fine.Then came the inspection. Turns out the furnace is actually from 2006. Also, the roof was 15-20 years old and due for replacement in the next year. Additionally, now the realtor was saying that the personal property was “up for sale” and not included. We followed up with a couple estimates from roofers, both came in at $10k. Radon was also detected in the basement, where the theater room is, and there was some electrical work that needed to be done to get the house up to code. Also during the inspection, the seller’s realtor told our friend that he was hung over during the open house. Oy.We went back to them asking for radon mitigation, electrical work, and 75% of the costs for a new roof. They countered with no radon, no electrical, and ~30% of a new roof. They insisted that the roof was in fact new, and didn’t believe our inspection. The sellers realtor claimed they had the roof redone in 2012, but couldn’t get us the paperwork, or even the name of the company, as the seller was currently out of the country for the next week. We needed to make a decision now.We can’t really afford all the work that the house would need for the next year or two. We ended up going back to them asking if they would pay for more of the closing costs (~75% of the roof estimate), and we would do the electrical and radon ourselves after closing. They responded saying they were terminating the agreement.My wife and I are pretty crushed. We feel like we were lied to by the seller / seller’s realtor, both on the disclosure, in person, and via text when we confirmed the info with them. We put in an offer $10k above ($265k asking), found out the realtor was hung over during the open house, and we don’t feel like we were asking for too much when we were renegotiating.TLDL: Turns out furnace and roof are way older than told on disclosure, in person, and confirming via text. Seller realtor was hung over during open house. We feel deceived. Offered $10k over, seller wouldn’t budge with negotiations after inspection revealed problems and lies.What happened? Is buying a house always like this? Should we not trust the disclosure or what the realtors say?



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