Newsflash: Seller at fault for shoddy repairs? (TX)

Hey guys! Longtime lurker, first time poster. I closed on my first home at the end of May (I’m in Texas). It was a flip, and before I closed the seller seemingly went above and beyond with additional repairs using her own contractor.Two months later, a gas leak was discovered underneath the house. The plumbers said that the gas leak happened in the first place because whoever had capped the old gas knobs before I moved in had forgotten to cap one of them. The city came out to inspect the new plumbing today and unfortunately the work didn’t pass inspection: in addition to there likely being a second gas leak, they had an issue with the water heater’s drainage system, which the seller claimed they had fixed too.In talking with others, they’ve suggested that the seller may be liable for some of the shoddy repairs. After all, the seller was the one who had the gas knobs capped, and if the job had been done correctly then I wouldn’t be dealing with a gas leak in the first place. Similarly, my buyer’s agent requested that the water heater drainage issue be dealt with, and the seller’s agent claimed that it had. I have a few emails detailing the work that the seller agreed to (supposedly) do, but since I used a buyer’s agent he was the one in direct contact most of the time.Unfortunately, the seller never agreed to these repairs through an official contract– they just agreed verbally to my buyer’s agent and via email. The house was sold to me, technically, As-Is. That said, I definitely would have said something if I had known that the gas knobs were capped incorrectly.I have a feeling there’s nothing I can do since I bought the house As-Is and my buyer’s agent didn’t ask for the repairs to be included as part of the contract. But, I figured I’d ask anyway. Right now I’m at Day 14 without gas (& hot water, & an oven…) and after hearing the news from the city I feel like it’ll be Day 21 before I finally get my gas up and running again.



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