Newsflash: Prepaids/Initial Escrow Payments – Can someone help explain this?

Asking here because it’s late (ish) and can’t get ahold of my mortgage company.. and input would be much appreciated!I’m looking at my Closing Cost Details on my Mortgage agreement and I’ve got “Prepaids” and “Initial Escrow Payment at Closing” on here.. except some of the fields appear to be redundant: I gather correctly, I’m effectively paying for 16 mo of homeowner’s insurance up front? Additionally, the thing that throws me is that there’s an item:Property Taxes (12 mo): $729, followed by:Property Taxes (6 mo) $982 and..County Property Taxes (13 mo) $566(As far as I can tell, these three amounts total to right about 1 year of property tax)So, do these numbers make sense to you? If I’m flat out prepaying for a yr of mortgage insurance, why are they also asking for 4mo of premium?Do these prepaid/escrow values effectively mean my initial mortgage payments will be going toward my principal?Thanks for your help!!!



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