Newsflash: My realtor won’t make much, can I get her a gift?

Etiquette question for realtors: So I’m buying an investment property for very cheap — it’s a fixer-upper on the low end of the scale. Hence my agent isn’t going to make very much commission as a percentage of that low, low price. She knew it would be that way as I told her my budget starting out and she has indicated that though she won’t make much from the sale she counts more on building an ongoing relationship as I intend to keep investing. However I feel a bit bad about it, especially as some seller-related shenanigans have stretched out and complicated the process till on an hourly basis she’s probably working for peanuts. I of course intend to give her a good online review and refer others to her, as everyone recommends. In fact, my friend who has decided to buy a house (with a much bigger budget) has just asked to work with her. However I’ve been thinking about also giving her a gift when we close next week to sort of express appreciation. Thinking several hundred dollars in nice gift cards to some stores and restaurants that she would actually use, so it would kinda be like extra compensation, not useless stuff. Not sure if this would be welcome or insulting, since you’re not supposed to tip a professional. I just don’t want to feel like she’s not getting suitably compensated, since she’s done excellent work for me. If realtors charged clients by the hour like lawyers etc. I would have gladly paid as I would have been lost without an agent. So yea or nay? Thanks in advance for your thoughtful responses!



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