Newsflash: Appraisal came back low; our (buyer) agent seems to be fighting for seller?

I’m really confused at this situation, as everything I have read/heard says the buyer agent should be fighting to get you the best deal possible.Long story short, VA appraisal just came back very steep under the listed amount ($225,000; currently listed at $248,500). During the “Tidewater Initiative” time, our agent apparently also sent comps (comparable home sales) that supported the 250k price as did the seller agent. Despite that, the appraiser valued the home at $225k. This makes us think that is the true value of the home, why should we pay anything more after that?She was also giving us examples of other homes that sold that high in the area, when in reality this house is one of the most expensive in the neighborhood. Either way, I’m scratching my head. Is she just blatantly working for a higher commission (higher priced house)? Or is there some real estate ethos that I’m missing where both sides try to support the listed price?



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