Newsflash: Trying to secure our lease with two other roommates. Frustrated beyond tears at lack of communication.

EDIT: Miami, FLI’ll try to be as succinct as possible.Myself and two other co-workers were interested in renting out a place together. This particular co-worker decided to contact a realtor who doesn’t speak English, thus she is unable to communicate with me.Throughout the lease process I have been EXTREMELY frustrated trying to get the realtor to communicate to us what exactly we need to do. Even in Spanish, her language is vague and easily misinterpreted, proved by the fact that she gave us wrong information about our lease multiple times and we didn’t know about it.Finally we’re at the point where the landlord has accepted us and all three of us have signed the lease. We now need to apply to the HOA association and this week has been a daily struggle trying to get the realtor to conform to us what exactly we need for the application.Today I called the HOA myself and it turns out they gave me some information that was MUCH different than what our realtor told us. In fact, the realtor didn’t even give us the correct application!I’m so incredibly frustrated and don’t know what to do right now.Question 1:Assuming we did the HOA application ourselves and dropped it off at the office, how could we take care of the process between dropping off the application and picking up the keys of our apartment? (What steps are required for this to happen?)Question 2:Is there any sort of way to back out of this agreement? We’ve already given $2000 as a security deposit to a company that holds the deposit for the landlord and I’m wondering if there’s any way to legally cancel the lease?



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