Newsflash: [OK] I’ve had my home listed for almost 3 months, had an open house, dropped the price $10K, and have had nearly 30 showings with zero offers. What am I doing wrong?

The home is nice. Built in 2012 and my family and I are the first owners.After the first 10 showings with no offers, and on the advice of our realtor, we dropped the price $10K. We’re now just under $200K and our realtor feels that under $200K will attract lots of buyers. She’s right – we’ve had about 16 showings – including as many as 4 in one day – since dropping the price. But, no offers!I have no idea what else I can do. The home is clean, nice, on a large corner lot, etc. My realtor says this is a “process” and we just “have to find the right buyer”. Honestly, though, it’s getting a little ridiculous waiting around like this. There are a glut of homes for sale in our neighborhood, so I think it’s a buyers market. Still, we are priced competitively at <$110/sq ft. Homes in our neighborhood have sold in this price range and much faster than ours.Is there a way to know whether a potential buyer requesting a showing is a serious buyer vs a tire kicker? Is there any other advice you all could offer? If we don't get any offers, I am going to pull my house off the market at the end of this month and try again next spring.



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