Newsflash: How much should I spend on house improvements to get high Sale price?

I am planning on selling my house. I bought it in 2007 ( worst time to buy) and 6.7% and got completely screwed. After long deliberation I have decided to sell it. The I did some research (comparing other houses) and for have some ball park estimates for much the house can be sold for. But after comparing with other similar houses I realized that I might have to make some modification/renovation (nothing major). How much do you think should I be spending ( or is worth it) to get my asking price. I know after spending there is no grantee that I might get the price I am expecting. I just wanted to know your thoughts on this.Thanks much.Loan amountSale pricesale- original buyClosing CostProfitHow much do we have to spend to get sale priceFinal In Hand325,000360,00035,00021,60013,400013,400365,00040,00021,90018,100100017,100370,00045,00022,20022,800100021,800375,00050,00022,50027,500200025,500380,00055,00022,80032,200200030,200385,00060,00023,10036,900500031,900390,00065,00023,40041,600500036,600400,00075,00024,00051,0001000041,000



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