Newsflash: Any advice on buying a house in California for less than $100,000?

Hi everyone, I’m just a single male looking to buy a house, and pay it off as soon as possible. I don’t make too much (~$33,000, but may get promoted next month!), and my job is in downtown Los Angeles, so anywhere as closest to that as possible is preferred.I don’t plan on being really picky about it, I just want it to have plumbing, electricity, and structural integrity. Preferably not a mobile/manufactured home, but I’m open to it. I only need 1 bedroom, and I will be content with “tiny home” size. However, I’m having trouble finding anything online that meets my simple criteria.I just want to live a simple minimalist lifestyle and own a home without being in debt for the next 30+ years, so I want to start small, and then maybe upgrade when I save up enough by paying for the next home in cash.I’m sorry if this is a stupid question.



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