Newsflash: First home possibility – negotiating for a better deal on an UGLY fixer-upper

Hi all,Looking for a first time home in North Carolina with my husband and we found one in a good area (the neighborhood has a wide range of prices but are the highest in town and by a country club) near good schools, so we feel confident it would re-sell if needed but… this house, to be quite frank, is pretty ugly right now. Like, 1978 chic. Turd brown, terrible facade, no plants. The inside is very dirty looking (stuck looking at photos across the country for now) but we see a lot of potential with relatively easy fixes like paint and new floors. The kitchen needs some work, and the bathrooms too, but it’s stuff that’s more cosmetic than critical. The house has a shit driveway, but room on the lot to put in a new one and build a garage. It’s 1624 sq ft, so a great size with a decent array of bedrooms and bathrooms. We’ve got a plan to make this place pretty at least without going over the top.This house has been up for sale for nearly a year, coming down in price by about $30k and labeled “as is” like most homes in this town. It’s listed for $99k. Our big question is: what’s the possibility of aggressively getting this down to cover costs of getting this place up to speed? They mention they want to sell fast – can we ask 20% (or, dare I ask, more) off since they’re not going to cover any repairs that will, I’m sure, show up on inspection? We’re new to this game so we’ll take any advice.



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