Newsflash: Making offer on home that has history of Radon and Termites – want to protect myself here

Edit: Location is East Coast (not sure on the applicability – but the bot tells me to put in a location, so…)So hopefully the title doesn’t make me look too dumb, ha. But my wife and I are in the process of putting an offer on a home, that is currently owned by a relocation company (not the previous owners).Today, the relocation company provided us the following information in a disclosure packet:A radon reading of 5.9 was taken 1.5 years ago in the basement, and a Radon mitigation system was installed shortly after. An inspection was done 4 months ago by the relocation company (when they took ownership, I presume), but I don’t see in the disclosure what the new reading was after installation, but intend to ask. I looked at the radon mitigation system in the basement when doing a walkthrough and it was operating as expected. (The fan was running, and the liquid level in the u-shaped tube was uneven.)There was minor termite damage found on a double joist in the basement back in 2015, and liquid termite treatment was immediately done. When the relocation company had a home inspection done 4 months ago, they included a termite inspection, and the result of that report was that “there were no active termites observed” and thus no further treatment was recommended. (Also, two home owners ago was a guy who did woodworking in his basement, so I wonder if that contributed to the early termite problem? But that guy has been out of the house for 2+ years now).My wife and I are already planning to have the standard home inspection contingency in our offer letter. Should we also put additional (more deep-dive) inspections for Radon and termites as contingencies in our offer? I.e. Something on top of the standard home inspection?We are one of 3 offers, so there is a little bit of a bidding war occurring, unfortunately, so I don’t want to scare the relocation company too much. But I do want to make sure we play this safe and not get a lemon of a house.Thoughts?



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