Newsflash: First-time home buyer/older home in established community

My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home near The Woodlands, TX. It was built in 1970 last sold in 1991, same family has been it since then. They have renovated and taken care of the home over the years, but lived off and on out of it for the last 3 as they built a new home elsewhere. We had the initial inspection done and the inspector was ever so slightly feeling the need for a structural engineer to come inspect the foundation which we scheduled. There was a laundry list of various repairs including installing GFCI outlets (none in house) some leaking plumbing fixtures, and some windows requiring replacement. A few stair step cracks on veneer brick were found and moisture content read higher and was visibly bubbled on a wall inside near the foyer pairing where the crack was. I’m having a plumber come out (piping is galvanized, but pressure was good throughout house) and a mold inspection, though the home inspector and realtor didn’t think I needed it.My question is: what other inspections should we consider getting done and how much is too much to ask the seller to fix if we agreed to their selling price? Any other advice buying an older home? I’m afraid of it having the potential to become a bigger money pit than a newer home obviously, chief fear is the plumbing/pipes.Edit: Missed some wording, late-can’t sleep!



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