Newsflash: Buyers Agent Lied about inspection results (TX)

So here’s one I haven’t come across before….Selling a house and the buyers agent sent us the inspection report.Inspection report states that the inspector was unable to test the furnaces due to temperature. This is the only mention of anything to do with furnaces in the report.The buyers agent then calls us and says, the furnaces need to be replaced because the inspector verbally told her that the furnaces are leaking CO2.Yeah….So we asked the buyers agent to please ask the inspector for some sort of written letter and/or test results which led him to verbally state the furnaces are leaking CO2, but not put it in his report.Buyers agent backtracked almost instantly. Blames it on a misunderstanding. Not sure how one can misunderstand inspector said the furnaces are leaking CO2, but that’s her excuse and she seems to be sticking to it.Now, I’m about 99.99% sure that the inspector is going to call me back and say he did no such thing. Especially since doing so would be a serious issue and can result in a complaint that would jeopardize his license.Obviously this was a negotiation tactic on the part of the buyers agent. But I’m curious. Can a buyers agent flat out lie and say something like that? I mean I’ve definitely encountered those that would skirt the truth and imply things. But I’ve never had an agent flat out lie and say the inspector verbally said something was deficient that was not in the report.What do you other agents think? Pretty sure this is a clear ethics violation, not that those really get anything but a slap on the wrist.



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