Newsflash: Selling a house in TN. Got an offer, but is damn low and is wanting closing costs. More details in text.

I have a house on the market presently set at around 190k. My agent said that someone was wanting to look at it, but they’re using another agent. The potential buyer made an offer, but it was lower than I expect, given the fact the house is marketed at bank appraisal. They offered 160k with a VA loan.Initially I was wanting to just tell my agent to throw that in the trash because it would take forever to bicker to a reasonable amount, but I took the bait and looked at their details. So this person is wanting the house at 160, plus closing at $6500, they’re also wanting me to cover an inspection, and a septic tank inspection (this is very uncommon in my area and even surprised my agent, but the buyers agent is from a larger city). This seems down right ridiculous and makes me believe they’re not serious. Firstly, I know it’s a trend in the marketplace to have a seller pay closing costs, but I have never even tried to get someone to pay for me closing on a property, I found it insulting to ask someone to do so and I find it insulting for someone to ask me to cover their responsibility. I also noticed that they have not placed any earnest money on the offer. So I called my agent and discussed how this person was, like what’s their deal and demeanor and apparently his a perfectionist and wants everything to go his way. I laughed and I am wondering if it’s even worth my time.If I am to counter, it will be substantially higher than their offer, but I am going also going to require 1,000 as earnest money. Their contract also states that in the event the loan isn’t secured that they get that back, I will require an amendment where that money will be non refundable and goes to me in the event they cannot make it work- I find it ridiculous if you’re going to go and try to secure a house and not have means to purchase it, so this will cover my time. I am also going to counter with a 1,000 dollar subsidy on closing (this kills me), and 1,000 max on repairs after inspection, which I will not cover. After looking at costs for septic tank inspection, it’s not that much and I’ll cover it.So, what do you all think? Is this even worth entertaining? I like that they were serious enough to make a written offer, but it just seems he’s just playing around.



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