Newsflash: Buying a condo. Am I missing anything?

So I have decided to go with a condo and as I’ve been shopping around I’ve taken a lot into consideration. I’m trying to think of questions I should ask my realtor, or things I should look for. So far I have-will I be able to rent the unit in the event that I want to upsize?-how much are fees? What do they include? Will they be increasing? Any special assessments?-how difficult similar units have been to sell. I understand a condo will be more difficult and will not appreciate significantly.-what kind of rules the condo has ie. pets-a copy of all the meeting minutes and where exactly my fees are going.I’m just wondering if anyone who has gone through the process would be able to add anything else I should keep an eye out for? Or if there’s any questions I should be asking that I’m not. Thanks in advance Reddit![Can]


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