Newsflash: Mortgage company has erroneous local property tax info and wants to double our monthly payment

TL/DR. Mortgage company is doubling our monthly payment based to increase escrow balance. The revised escrow balance is based on erroneous local tax information, which we’ve verified directly with our municipality. Roundpoint said they can’t correct the erroneous figures until 29 days from now, which is just 48 hours before our next mortgage payment is due.I closed on a investment property back on March 30. My monthly mortgage payment (including the loan, property taxes, and homeowners / landlord insurance) is $578 per month. Everything has been going just fine so far. About three weeks after closing, we were notified that our loan was sold off to a separate mortgage company called Roundpoint. We didn’t think that was a big deal, the same thing happened with the mortgage on our primary residence twice.Last week we got a letter from Roundpoint stating that, effective September 1, our monthly mortgage payment was going to increase from $578 to $1059!! Yikes. We read through the letter more closely, and they stated that the payment amount increase was due to a shortage in our escrow account. According to the letter, our local “school taxes” we pay in PA as part of our property taxes were $3800, not $1067 as estimated at the mortgage closing. All the other local taxes (city and county) remained the same as what we were told at closing.That figure did not sound right at all. So I called the local municipality, obtained a copy of our school tax bill, and the total is, in fact, $1067, not $3800. We’re not entirely sure how Roundpoint came up with the $3800 figure because we can’t get the math to work out, but we think they might have taken the annual tax bill amount of $1067 and multiplied it by four, since there was quarterly payment information on the school tax bill. (And then subtracted the credit that the previous owner had already paid for the partial year that he owned the house. But again, the math doesn’t come out precisely, but it’s close, so that’s what we’re thinking).Roundpoint had me email them a copy of the tax bill I obtained from our municipality on 7/27/17. I called Roundpoint to follow up today, and they said that they received the documentation showing that the school taxes were only $1067 and not $3800, but that they would not be able to confirm my revised mortgage payment until August 30, 2017. That’s twenty-nine days from now, and only two days before our mortgage payment is due.If you do Google searches for Roundpoint, you’ll see crazy amounts of bad reviews related to how they handle escrow accounts. Some reviewers claim that they’ve been having to overpay for a year while Roundpoint does their “investigation.” I understand that online reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt (heck, our primary residence mortgage is through Wells Fargo, and I hate to admit that we’ve never had a single issue with them, despite all the negative things we see online about them!), but it seems like these Roundpoint reviews might be grounded in reality based on our experience now.So, I don’t have hope that on August 30, when they provide me with the new “revised” monthly payment amount that it’ll be correct at all, and then I have to make a payment just two days later. I’m worried that this will just continue on for months and months, having to pay twice what we should.We’re in good financial shape, so this new amount wouldn’t bankrupt us by any stretch, and I know it’s not “lost” money since it would just sit in escrow or we’d eventually get a refund from our city for the overpaid tax amount eventually, but still, this seems nuts. That is nearly DOUBLE our original monthly payment amount.When I contacted Roundpoint today, I did all the standard, “is there anyone else I can talk to to get a revised mortgage amount sooner than August 30” and “Can you explain why it takes so long to send a revised escrow statement?” and “Can I have our municipality contact you directly so you can verify the correct tax info?”Nothing. They claim there’s nothing they can do until August 30 to notify me of the revised mortgage payment.Any recommendations for what we can do here? In the future, we’re definitely going to try and separate our property taxes and homeowners insurance from our mortgage amount and just pay those bills on our own. But, it looks like Roundpoint requires at least one year of on-time payments to be considered for an “escrow waiver,” so we’re stuck here for now.



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