Newsflash: How we got our house in a hot-ish market (Nebraska)

This sub is so educational and entertaining that I wanted to share how we ended up owning our first home in our mid-sized midwestern city!We started looking in early spring and most homes we liked were at the top of our price range. We made a couple offers that weren’t accepted. Listings that we wanted to see were under contract within hours. Saw a lot of houses that were almost The One but weren’t because I really really wanted to stay in the neighborhood we’ve been renting in. We were willing to change neighborhoods for the right house, but nothing came up that we loved enough for it to be worth it. And our terrible duplex neighbors moved out, so we were willing to hang tight for a bit.In April I posted on our neighborhood’s NextDoor site to see if there were any sentimental sellers who wanted to help a young family stay in the neighborhood. I got 4 or 5 responses, which was great, but most of them were far out of our price range. But one of them was not! But they weren’t going to be selling until later in the summer. We were still willing to take a look, just in case.By the time schedules worked out to see it, it was early May and they had decided to sell sooner and had started working with a realtor, which was really too bad for them in the long run because we LOVED IT and made an offer right away before it went on the market , and they accepted! Then the appraisal came back close to $8k low and we were bummed because we weren’t in a position to really negotiate about that so I did all the emotional labor of being prepared to not get it, then they decided to just come down to the appraisal price.All in all, we were under contract for just over 2 months because the closing date was set for mid-summer when the seller’s were moving out of state, and now we are here and our rental is all cleaned out and we never have to do this again for a long time hopefully :)If you have a strong preference about something like location, it pays to be creative and not be afraid to put yourself out there!Good luck!



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