Newsflash: Anyone successful with latent defect lawsuits in Ontario, Canada?

Hi everyone, hope I’m posting in the right placeWe closed on an older (~35 years) home in early July, so we were expecting some issues. The owners was gracious enough to leave us receipts for some of the work they had done to the home. One of these receipts were for some foundation/crack patchwork they had done in the laundry room and the installation of a sump pump.We had the home inspected and the inspector didn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary that we couldn’t see with our own eyes. There were some patent defects (i.e visible defects) so we made the informed decision to proceed with the purchase.Fast forward to when took possession of the home.We removed the basement carpet and noticed it smelled and there were some wet spots. We figured this was normal with an older home/older carpet so whatever. Then we explored the option of installing a window in the basement, so we took off the drywall and saw a big problem…a large crack in the foundation from top to bottom (where foundation meets the attached garage). When the house was being sown, this room had boxes and furniture in the area of the wall which made it impossible to see or feel the carpetWe called some foundation repair guys to fix the crack, which they did. But in the process, they noticed that the entire weeping tile surrounding the home was clogged with roots, which they said would be the reason the old owners installed the sump pump this past spring (right before they listed the home for sale)So what was originally a ~$3000 crack repair job has turned into a ~$30,000 crack repair/excavation around the home/waterproof/weeping tile replacement job. They even had to break our garage floor and excavate down to the bottom to replace that piece of the weeping tile systemSo, my question is…anyone have success with latent defect lawsuits (Ontario, Canada)? I know “Buyer beware” is at play in all real estate transactions, but with a crack big enough to put my hand in and the fact that they installed a sump pump prior to putting the house on the market leads me to believe they or the plumber or even the real estate agent knew something was up.TL;DR…Bought an older home only to discover a cracked foundation and clogged weeping tile system. We’re in for ~$30,000 worth of repairs so far



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