Newsflash: Landlord lied about selling, also asks me to extend my tenancy (which expires in 2 months) – what can I do? (UK)

So, I moved into this studio apartment (UK) earlier this year. My initial 6 month tenancy expires at the end of September. My landlord’s agent has asked whether I want to extend or not.I do, and I certainly don’t have the spare cash to move out and pay the initial security deposit and 1st month’s rent on another place.However, the last few weeks, the landlord’s agent kept emailing me saying that a valuer was coming round to value the property as the landlord was looking to re-mortgage. No biggie I thought.This happened four or five times, as the valuer apparently kept cancelling. One day, I happen to be in when said “valuer” arrives. It isn’t a valuer at all but an estate agent showing people round.The guy he’s showing today starts asking about whether the amenities come with the flat, and what is it on the market for. Obviously my landlord is selling. I did a bit of digging and found the listing on a local site.With my lease up in 2 months, no possibility of enough cash to up and move elsewhere, and it seemingly obvious the landlord has been hiding the fact he’s selling behind a re-mortgager, what’re my options?TL;DR: Lease up in 2 months. Landlord hid the fact he is selling from me, I just found out, but he has asked me to extend my tenancy. What’re my options?



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