Newsflash: Currently renting a small house [KY], and we’re starting the process to buy it. Seller wants a dual agent. Need advice.

We’ve been renting this house for a year that’s valued at less than $100K. The owner has held onto the property for sentimental reasons, but because they like us they are willing to sell. This would be our first time buying a house. We’re now getting some pressure from the seller to use her agent. It seems the obvious advice is to get our own representation in this situation, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it. We’re already moved in, we’re not going anywhere, and we’re not really looking at other houses. The availability of this house for us is based on the good relationship with the seller, and by putting ourselves in an adversarial position with the seller it may blow the whole thing. We’ve made clear we will not be waving the inspection, and there is still the appraisal too. Is this one of those rare scenarios where a dual agent could work?



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