Newsflash: Risks of Renting Out an “Illegal” Apartment.

Throwaway because my employer knows my normal username.I have some friends who just purchased a single family house in GA, they have a “Bonus Room” with a restroom, bar, sink, dishwasher and it’s own exit. I am looking to relocate to the city they live in, they offered to let me rent the Bonus Room as an apartment. If you add an electric burner to the place, it is nicer than most apartments I have rented (including the place I rent now). But I don’t want to put my friends in a negative position for try to help me. They saying it’s not a risk and they could use the extra cash (one specifically mentioned an Occulus Rift), I would love the cheap rent they are suggesting, the flexibility to work around my current lease and job search and I like the location.Am I overlooking any potential risks they (or I) might be taking on by renting this space?Details that may matter, Single-Family Home, no HOA, state: GA.



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