Newsflash: Confused about property taxes

I’m considering buying a house in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA), where property tax is supposedly 2.152% (source).At, you can search properties by address, and it gives a bunch of info including tax info. However, when I plug in an address, the property tax seems really low.Example:2207 Sarah StNet Tax Due March 31: $566.91Gross Tax Due April 31: $578.48Millage rate: 4.73Taxable Market Value: $122,300Below that there are records of the $566.91 fee being paid every year.I don’t understand this. Why are there two tax figures (net and gross) with different due dates? Do both need to be paid? Even if so, $566.91 + $578.48 = $1145.39, which is only 0.94% of the taxable market value of $122,300. If the property tax rate is 2.152%, the taxes should be $2,631.90.



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